After a long period of internal development, MXQuery 0.6.0 has been released.

MXQuery is a lightweight, full-featured XQuery implementation,

  • running a variety of Java platforms (including MIDP/CLDC)
  • providing support for
    • XQuery 1.0 (including Schema + Modules)
    • XQuery Update Facility 1.0
    • XQuery/XPath Fulltext 1.0 (partial)
    • XQuery Scripting Extension 1.0 (experimental)
  • providing several extensions to XQuery
    • SOAP Import/Export, REST Import/HTML Tidy import
    • Continuous query support (Data Stream/CEP processing)

Compared to the last release (0.4.1), the following changes have been performed:

  • Support for XML Schema
  • Full Support for XQuery 1.0 (99.6 % compliance)
  • Full Support for XQuery Update Facility 1.0 (>99 % compliance)
  • Support for selected XQuery 1.1 features (windowing, try/catch)
  • Support for XQuery and XPath Full Text 1.0 (partial, experimental)
  • Support for XQuery Scripting 1.0 (experimental)
  • Support for Web Service (SOAP) import and export (at module level)
  • Support for REST import/calls (same interfaces as Zorba)
  • Support for Tidying HTML (using tagsoup, same interfaces as Zorba)
  • (almost) complete support for XQJ
  • Support for DOM, SAX, StAX parsers
  • Support for XDM Serialization (most parameters now supported)
  • Integration of the SMS Stream Store
  • Support for running continuous XQuery expressions (streaming)
  • Refactored Java API with Javadoc and extensive set of examples
  • New command line interface, exposing most of the functionality of the Java API
  • Packaging: Standalone, within a application server container, mobile devices