MXQuery releases are hosted at


The MXQuery SVN repository has moved to SourceForge in March 2011.

It currently contains the mainline developement for

Please have a look at the build instructions to use the code

Automatic Builds

MXQuery uses Jenkins as it Continuous Integration system, producing new binary versions and running all tests for every commit.

While the main audience are the developers, it also provides users with a way the get the most recent version and follow the project.

The build server is hosted by the Systems Group at the CS department of ETH Zurich

The following builds are available:

For downloadable binaries, please go the “Artifacts”


A new release (0.7) is long overdue, it should come very soon.

The stable release (0.6.0) is available as

  • Binary Package, containing JAR/WAR/JAD files for the supported platforms, examples and documentation
  • Source Packages, containing source code, documentation and library dependencies

Older release can be found at the download page