Command Line

java -jar mxquery.jar <options>
If no options are given, the list of options will be printed
For an description of the Command Line Options, please look at
Command Line Tutorial and Command Line Reference

There is also a set of examples to use the different XQuery standards and extensions from the command line

Note for users of Java 1.4/Java5:
To work around API limitations (especially in Java 1.4),
separate JAR files are provided (and can be built) for
these platforms. Please use mxquery-14.jar/mxquery-15.jar


Please go to the XQIB website for a more detailed description and examples

Java Application Server

(Tomcat, Jetty, etc):
MXQuery.war (a Java web application) can be deployed on
any servlet container using the means of the container
For example on Tomcat, it can be placed into the webapps directory
It will (normally) become visible under http://hostname:port/MXQuery
The exported web services will be displayed when invoking this URL

Mobile devices

Run mxquery_midp.jad/jar in your emulator or mobile device
Runs successfully on WTK 2.5 and several mobile phones
The included demo application currently runs a hardcoded query


MXQuery is embedded into the XQuery Development Tools, an XQuery plugin for Eclipse.  It can be chosen as one possible XQuery engine to execute queries – but currently there no debugging support in MXQuery yet (as opposed to Zorba)