Input / Output

Opt LongOpt Arguments with example Description
-f –queryFile String inputFile


Specify the file of the query or plan to run
-i –inlineQuery String inputQuery

“for $i in … return … “

Specify the query to run in the command line
-p –queryPlan String planFile


Specifiy the query  plan to run
-d –discardResult Discard the generated results
-o –outputFile String outputFile



Specify where the result should be written to.

Either a file or the standard output (-).

-s –serializer See table “Serializer parameter” Specify a number of serializer parameters


Taken from the XSLT and XQuery Serialization 3.0 working draft

Parameter Permitted values for parameter Description
byte-order-mark yes | no This parameter indicates whether the serialized sequence of octets is to be preceded by a Byte Order Mark.
cdata-section-elements name1;name2;… A list of QNames, possibly empty.
doctype-public A string of Unicode characters
doctype-system A string of Unicode characters
encoding A string printable ASCII characters
escape-uri-attributes yes | no
include-content-type yes | no
indent yes | no
media-type A string of Unicode characters
Method text | html | xhtml | xml Output method
normalization-form NFC | NFD | NFKD | fully-normalized | none Not specified yet
omit-xml-declaration yes | no
standalone yes | no | omit
suppress-indentation yes | no
undeclare-prefixes yes | no
use-character-maps (a,astring);(b,bstring),…
version A string of Unicode characters

Print Options

Opt LongOpt Arguments with example Description
-ex –explain Print the query plan in XML format
-sp –serializePlan String planFile.xml


Print the execution plan in XML format
-ps –printStores Print the states of all variables at the end of execution
-t –timing Print timing information in standard

Error stream

XQuery language features

Opt LongOpt Arguments with example Description
-sa –schemaAwareness Enable XML Schema support and hence the use of the validate keyword
-fm –fulltextMode Enable XQuery Fulltext support  (default off)
-um –updateMode Enable XQuery Update Facility support (default off)
-sm –scriptingMode Enable XQuery Scripting support (default off)
? –xquery11Mode Enable XQuery 1.1 support (default off)
? –continuousMode Enable support for Continuous XQuery  (default off)
-x –updateFiles Make updates on files persistent
-b –noBackupUpdates Backup updated files by storing the  old version with a .bak extension

Input and Validation

Opt LongOpt Arguments with example Description
-dtd –dtdAwareness Enable DTD support/validation mode on input functions and external variable assignment
-val –validation [strict|lax] Enable input (schema) validation and optionally set the validation mode on input functions and external variable assignment
-str –xmlStream Treat XML input as XML node sequence, not as a single element
-xsd –schemaFiles String schemaFiles


Loads Schema files for validation


Opt LongOpt Arguments with example Description
-c –context See table “Context components” Specify a number of components of the static context
-e –externalVariable String varName

varName := literal

varName = file.xml

varName -

. := literal

. = file.xml

. -

Specify external variable or context item as literal, file or standard input

Context components

Component Default initial value Parameter Description
XPath 1.0 Compatibility Mode


false true | false Indicate whether rules for compatibility with XPath 1.0 are in effect. (For languages using XPath 2.0 as a subset)

This component is set fixed to false



fn, xml, xs, xsi, local (prefix1,uri1);(prefix2,uri);… Set the statically known namespaces.
Default element/type namespace


no namespace String URI | none Set the default element/type namespace
Default function namespace


fn String URI | none Set the default function namespace
In-scope schema types


built-in types in xs In-scope schema types

In-scope element declarations none

In-scope attribute declarations none

In-scope variables none (expanded QName1,type1); (expanded QName2,type2);… Set the variables that are available for reference within an expression.
Context item static type


none String type set the static type of the context item within the scope of a given expression
Function signatures


functions in fn namespace, constructors for built-in atomic types (expanded QName1,arity1,parameter types1); (expanded QName2,arity2,parameter types2);… Set functions that are available from within an expression.
Statically known collations


only the default collation (uri1,collation1);(uri2;collation2);… Set collations available for use in processing queries and expressions
Default collation


Unicode codepoint collation String URI Set one of the collation in the statically known collations as default.
Construction mode


preserve preserve | strip
Ordering mode


ordered ordered | unordered Set the ordering mode for results of a path expression, FLOWR expression, set expression that have no order by clause.
Default order for empty sequences


least greatest | least Set the order-rank of the empty sequence when used as a ordering key.
Boundary-space policy


strip preserve | strip Set the Boundary-space policy to either preserve or strip (remove)
Copy-namespace mode


preserve, inherit preserve | no-preserve,

inherit | no-inherit

Set the Copy-namespace mode for the in-scope namespace of the new node.

preserve: include the inscope namespaces from the original node.

inherit: include the inscope namespaces from the parent node.

Base URI


TO BE DEFINED String URI Set the base URI used for resolving relative URIs
Statically known documents


none uri1;uri2;… Add uri1, uri2, … to the statically known documents
Statically known collections


none uri1;uri2;… Add uri1, uri2, … to the statically known collections
Statically known default collection type


node()* String type Set default type of the sequence of nodes resulting from calling the fn:collection function with no arguments