A JDK (not JRE) and ant 1.6.5 or newer required

By default, a “fat” JAR is built that includes all the necessary dependencies
If this is not desirable, the please remove the “unzip” steps in the jar packaging targets

Standard version (Java 6)


ant -f build.xml

(which calls the jar target)
After a successful build, mxquery.jar should be placed into dist/

GWT version (“XQIB”)

The code is currently only available from SVN, on which we bundle a current version of GWT.


ant -f build.xml xqib-js.

This will create the build/mxquery_js directory which contains the deployable Javascript version of XQIB.

Versions for older JDK/JVM (Java 1.4, Java 5)


ant -f build.xml jar-14


ant -f build.xml jar-15

After a successful build mxquery-14.jar/mxquery-15 should be in dist/
It is strongly recommended to build using the target JVM version,
since newer versions produce bytecode that will run on the older JVM,
but do not complain if newer APIs are used.

Servlet Container/Web Service Export

Call ant -f build.xml war. This will create a MXQuery.war in dist/ which can be deployed
The build automatically collects the modules/schemas placed in mod2export
and includes them in the WAR file

CLDC version

Sun WTK 2.5.2 or newer required (invoked via antenna, included in the
distribution) – adapt the wtk.home property in build.xml to the
installation directory if needed

ant -f build.xml midp_wtk

and mxquery_midp.jad as well as mxquery_midp.jar are
built and placed into dist/
Important: the JAR tool needs to be in the operating system PATH,
otherwise preverification will fail with a misleading error